Off Grid Solutions

Saturday, 10 August 2019 by Mike Jose

Off Grid Solutions for Agriculture, Camps, RV parks.

This is one of many off grid surveillance systems being installed at a Hemp Farm in Arizona. They'er budget is a bit low so I had to use some plywood for component mounting. I would prefer a PVC sheet for longevity mostly but also for a more professional look. The client provides most materials for this job. The 1000 Watt Inverter is only there for service work if a drill or other AC voltage tool is required.

The build

The network linking it all together is Ubiquity based with some Ingenious equipment on the Internet WiFi end. The surveillance feeds are received by a simple HP computer the client provided. There the streams are handled by ZoneMinder, an open source surveillance solution. ZoneMinder has a nice API for integration in Mobil Apps, websites and much more.


This client would like to use live streams on his website for promotional purposes. ZoneMinders API makes that pretty easy but to avoid security problems by sending credentials in an image tag, I had to write some JS and Ajax scripts.

Solar Cams
Weather off grid or on grid solar powered surveillance solutions is the most logical choice, even the equipment providing network and internet access can be independent meaning that you still have piece of mind even when grid power is down.

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