Rock Screen Control Panel

Tuesday, 20 August 2019 by Mike Jose

Another fun project for Hemp, Inc. The client bought an old rock separator from auction. The main belt is driven by hydraulics, the other two are 3 phase electric. A system like this requires 3 emergency stop buttons. I put one on the control panel and the other 2 at the end of each electric belt. I had an extra 12X24 Inch sheet of PVC, a bit thin but some angle made decent brackets to bolt it in with plenty of room for the components.
The beginning
Ya man, I see it too. Got my contactors a little off but what ever.
I've had the schematics done for this for some time now, quite exciting to put it all together finally.
I decided to go with good old school type design. Wire by numbers. For future service, it will be nice to have the wiring diagram in the panel for reference.
All wires and connections are numbered for easy trouble shooting.
The buttons
And of course, trying to keep it neat and tidy. And we need to try to protect the wires from lid to box from breaking or pinching with some protective plastic wrap.
Lid to box transition
So, now we're ready for final testing. All wired up.
Final Product

Front Panel
This unit will be powered by a diesel generator feeding a fused disconnect switch off the side. That's pretty much all there is to it. After conduit is laid and motors are all wired up.
I'll post more. Maybe even a video of it in operation.

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